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FC Thunder


FC Thunder envisions providing our diverse community quality soccer opportunities for youth of all ages and skill levels.  Players will reap the benefits of a team sport that develops character and sportsmanship, fosters a healthy lifestyle and enjoyment and encourages each player to achieve his or her highest potential on and off the soccer field.



FC Thunder's mission is to develop and manage quality soccer programs that make player, coach, and referee development its central focus.  FC Thunder promotes challenging programs at all levels of play that contribute to the development of the whole player including the technical, tactical, physical, psychological, and social aspects of a player’s growth within a team environment. FC Thunder encourages family and community participation through volunteerism.

The Boerne Soccer Club and FC Thunder will achieve its mission by partnering with parents, local schools, recreation centers and other community organizations to develop a cutting edge program that provides players and staff the challenge and the opportunity to reach their potential.

We strive to earn a reputation for producing excellence in player’s technical ability, game intelligence, speed of thought, decision-making and athleticism that is not solely focused on physical strength.  Our club will also strive to aid the development of coaches in order for them to put back into the game their knowledge and wisdom. Providing an environment for them to grow.

Boerne Soccer Club will invest heavily in training their leaders, coaches and parents to become positive role models.  We will use every opportunity to teach life lessons/skills and display the highest level of respect from helping an opponent to their feet to picking up others trash.

A club that’s staff and administrators recognize the standards of excellence that it takes to graduate players through our program as respected citizens with a strong soccer background.