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Directors Message

Dear Boerne Soccer Club members,

Welcome to and welcome back to FC Thunder. We thank you for braving the heat over the past couple of weeks.  One of the wettest springs we've had and then barely a drop since early June.

We are just hitting the tournament season with many teams playing tournaments, pre-season games and finding extra ways to get touches on the ball.  We want you to play well and compete hard.  Parents, send in any great pics and video footage that you might have.  We'd love to share if you are willing.

School is back in session and we wish all of our players academic success.  Although many of the players will not agree with you, school is more important than soccer.  If they want to argue that fact, show them this newsletter.

Our coaches are determined to work hard and get the best out of our players.  Feel free to reach out to you coach and discuss your child's development.  

Recreational soccer practice starts in September and we can't wait to see the smiling faces out there.  

Best wishes this season......!


Meet The Coach 

Danny Oughton
San Antonio
What activities or sports do you enjoy besides soccer?
Mountain Biking, road biking, anything on a bike. I also am a huge fan of camping.
Team(s) you coach: 
01girls and academy
What is your favorite thing about coaching soccer?
Seeing the progress of an individual or team that motivates them to play and love the game more.
What soccer team(s) do you support?
Forza Barca!!
Who is currently your favorite player?
Andres Iniesta. Pure class.

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3v3 - Disney Florida

We had 2 groups represent FC Thunder at the 3v3 National Championships in Disney World Florida.  

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