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Futsal Fridays

Boys and Girls - Birth years 2014 to 2005

Friday, May 14th
Friday, May 21st
Friday, May 28th
Friday, June 11th

5:30pm - 6:30pm
2014 to 2012 Boys & Girls
2011 Girls

6:30pm - 7:30pm
2011 Boys
2010 Boys & Girls
7:30pm - 8:30pm
2009 to 2006 Boys & Girls

Messiah Lutheran Church
9401 Dietz-Elkhorn Rd, Boerne 78015

$60 for all 4 Fridays
$20 Drop-In

All 4 Fridays - CLICK HERE
Drop-In, May 14th - CLICK HERE
Drop-In, May 21st - CLICK HERE
Drop-In, May 28th - CLICK HERE
Drop-In, June 11th - CLICK HERE


  • Allows players to frequently touch the ball
  • Presents many opportunities to score goals and score goals often
  • Encourages regaining possession of the ball as a productive, fun, and rewarding part of the game (defending)
  • Maximizes active participation and minimizes inactivity and boredom
  • Reflects the philosophy of player development expressed in state and national coaching schools
  • Eliminates complicated rules, such as off-sides, that may hinder youngsters from "playing"

Futsal is:

  • Played indoors or outdoors
  • Played in a reduced-sized court
  • Played with reduced number of players (4 court players + 1 goalkeepers)
  • Played with reduced-sized goals
  • Played with a specific ball, which is smaller and bounces less than the regular soccer ball
  • Players will get more touches on the ball
  • Players act at high speed and have many opportunities to finish at the goal
  • Played with specific rules that make the game fast, non-violent, and dynamic
  • Played in two periods
  • Allows unlimited number of substitutions
  • There is no off-sides


Please contact:

Jarred Harriott

Jarred Harriott

Director of Academy