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Training Workouts

Technical Training

  • Passing- Get hold of another player(s)/person:
    • Pass the ball using the inside foot, left and right, with the ball rolling and stationary. As you become, comfortable work on increase the distance and velocity of the passes. (do this for about 22 minutes or 180 passes per player)
    • Pass the ball with no more than 3 touches. Also use the inside of the foot when the ball in in the air.  Work on improving your accuracy by connecting with properly and getting it directly to other player(s). (do this for about 22 minutes or 180 passes)


  • Dribbling- Get hold of another player(s)/person
  1. Set up around 4 or 5 gates about one yard apart. Dribble through the gates while the other player tries to steal the ball. Play for about 45-60 seconds.
  2. Juggle a ball 75 to 165 times using both feet.
  3. Dribble in a figure "8"; use just the inside of your feet for 6 figure "8's", then use the outside of both feet for 6 more. The markers you dribble around should be 15 yards apart. As you dribble around one marker, accelerate to the other as if you were beating an opponent. As you round the marker, use quick touches to improve technical speed.
  4.  Jog while dribbling ball with quick touches, changing direction and speed. Do this in a confined space where many changes and touches are necessary.
  5. Head juggling
  6. Throw ball up, jump and while you are in the air trap the ball with your chest/head/thigh, settle the ball to your feet, and move off quickly- repeat (one minute each surface)
  7. Juggling: use all surfaces but mostly feet, and try to get 1000 touches in 10 minutes. Track your totals throughout the break.



  • Shooting-For this section of the exercise, soccer kick wall, the side of a gymnasium, a tennis wall, racquetball court, etc., will be necessary.


1. Technique work: Get 5 to 7 yards from the wall and shoot the ball first time at the wall making sure the foot is pointed; knee is over the ball, center of your foot is striking the center of the ball, and that all the power is derived from a quick snapping motion of the lower leg. (2 minutes)


2. First time shooting with power: Back off 20 yards and shoot the ball first time at the wall. Strike the ball as hard as you can regardless of the bounce, height, speed, etc., that the ball comes to you. Pick a spot on the wall to shoot at each time and keep the ball low. (6 minutes)


3. Trapping and shooting: again at 20 yards, strike the ball with power, and as it comes off the wall, trap in cleanly and quickly fire another shot at the wall. The point of the drill is to develop a sound clean trap and quick, hard shot. (6 minutes)


This entire fitness program should take 45 minutes to an hour. It is important that you go through the entire program without pause other than at planned rest intervals.

  • 60 jumps - Two foot jumping forward and backward over the ball.

Strength and Flexibilty 

  • 15 figure "S's"- Standing position with legs spread and knees straight, roll the ball with your hands in a figure "8" pattern around your legs.
  • 60 jumps -Two foot jumping side to side over the ball.
  • 15 roll around - Sitting position with legs extended, roll the ball with your hands around the soles of your feet and then back around your back.
  • 30 sit-ups - Touch the ball on the ground over your head and back up and touch your toes.
  • 60 touch and jumps - Start in a standing position with the ball in your hands, touch ball on the ground by bending at the knees so thighs are parallel to the ground and then vigorously extend jumping high with ball over your head. Don't just bend over and touch the ground, get your rear end as low as possible.
  • 30 push-ups


  • Set ball on the ground to your left and set a marker out to your right about 10 yards. Move 10 times from side to side without the ball, using the slide method of moving, without crossing legs. Move as quickly as you can.


  • Rest by walking for 30 seconds.


  • To ten yard marker and back: two leg explosive jumps. Repeat


  • Rest by walking for 30 seconds.


  • Karioka (lateral running criss-crossing legs) to ten yard marker and back. Move 10 times from side to side as quickly as possible.


  • Rest by walking for 30 seconds.


  • From the starting point:
    • Pass the ball to the 25 yard marker
    • Sprint to the ball
    • Collect ball and accelerate to starting line
    • Make 3 passes


  • Place markers at the appropriate distances. Sprint out to the marker and jog back.
  • SPRINT ALL OUT ON EVERY SPRINT! -do not pace yourself TAKE FULL REST PERIOD! (Not less)
  • CONCENTRATE ON EXPLOSIVE STARTS! (Driving knees, leaning forward, pumping
  • Arms) keep stride smooth and powerful throughout sprint. RUN THROUGH THE MARKER, DON'T STOP SUDDENLY.

Anaerobic Training

You may choose any of the below sessions for your two Anaerobic Training days.


1. Cones: markers on 0,5,10,15,20,25. Sprint out and back to each marker (150 yards) in 35 seconds = 1 set. Rest 45 seconds after each set. Complete 10 sets.


2. Stinkers:  markers on 0 and 40 yard lines. Sprint out and back to the 40 yard marker three times (240 yards) in 50 seconds = 1 set. Rest 45 seconds after each set. Complete 8 sets.


3. Stinkettes: markers on 0 and 25 yard lines. Sprint out and back to 25 yard marker six times (300 yards) in 75 seconds= 1 set. Rest 60 seconds after each set. Complete 6 sets.


4. 120's: Sprint the entire length of field in 18 seconds. Turn around and jog back to start in 30 seconds. Rest 30 seconds= 1 set. Complete 10 sets. 1 minute rest after

the 3rd and 6th 120.


5. Jingle Jangle: markers on 0 and 10 yard lines. Sprint out to the 10 yard marker and back 10 times (200 yards) in 60 seconds = 1set. Rest 60 seconds. Complete 10 sets.


6. so Yarders:  markers on 0, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 yard lines. Sprint out and back to each marker (300 yards) in 75 seconds. Rest 60 seconds. Complete 6 sets.

Endurance Training

  • Interval training -jogs for 30 seconds, then sprint for 30 seconds. Keep this pattern for 10 minutes. Be sure that the sprint is FASTER than the jog every time.



    Run 2 miles in under 13 Yz minutes

    Complete TEN 20 yard sprints in less than 60 seconds

    30 jumps: Two foot jumping over ball

    30 jumps: Two foot jumping side to side over ball

· •     Complete 30 push-ups in 1 minute

     Complete 50 sit-ups in 90 seconds


Complete Endurance Training 1 time a week.