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League Details

League Details


Age Groups
Age will be determined by the player’s birth year.
Levels of Play
Team Formation
Click the following link: 'Team Formation'
College Showcase
The purpose of College Showcase is to prepare players to play at the collegiate level. The team will travel to and participate in tournaments that meet the needs and goals of the individuals.
Each team will have a Professionally Certified Trainer who will serve as the Head Coach whose responsiblities include, but is not limited to, the following: 
  • Obtain a 'KidSafe Card' after successfully completing a background check
  • Conduct training sessions
  • Coach during games
  • Complete player evaluations
  • Host team meetings during the seasonal year
  • Serve as the primary point of contact for parents regarding the communication of a potential grievance
  • Communicate with the team manager regarding practice & game schedules, tournaments, and other team-related activities.
*Thunder FC trainers typically coach more than one team, thus, conflicting game schedules may prevent the coach from attending a game. In these instances, Thunder FC will ensure another professional trainer is available to coach the game.
Team Manager
Typically fulfilled by a volunteer parent whose responsibilities include, but is not limited to, the following:
  • Obtain a 'KidSafe Card' after successfully completing a background check
  • Communicate information to the team in a timely manner
  • Maintain the team calendar for use as primary source of scheduling
  • Ensure the team complies with expectations established by FC Thunder
Volunteers interested in serving in this role should communicate with the VP of Select and/or team coach.
Pre-Season Camps
 Required; occur in July and January
September to May is a season
Games: Frequency & Playing Time
Frequency:  Minimum of 10 matches per season with Cup Play at the end of Spring; however, the number of games is subject to schedule changes by our governing body, weather, and other unforeseen circumstances. 
Playing Time: FC Thunder strives to provide at least 50% playing time (not applicable to Division I), however, it may be impacted by several factors including punctuality, attendance, and attitude.  Home games will be hosted at Boerne City Park.
Twice weekly training sessions for 16 weeks; may occur on Monday thru Thursday. Attendance is mandatory. Missed practices may be made-up.  Practices may occur at Boerne City Park or Fields at Adler Road; confirm with your trainer/coach.
see Registration page for additional details
Uniform Kit
Players should only use FC Thunder-approved uniforms, warm-ups, and back packs; modification to these items is prohibited. See Registration page for costs details
Practice Kit
Players should only use FC Thunder-approved uniforms, warm-ups, and back packs; modification to these items is prohibited. See Registration page for costs details
Parents are required to provide cleats, shin guards, and ball (see Game Format Chart for ball size). It is very important players bring a filled water container for all practices and games.
Financial Assistance
Financial assistance is available for players who have been offered, and accepted, a spot on a FC Thunder Select Team. Funds for assistance are limited and the amount of an individual award will be determined by the number of qualified applicants requesting assistance and the total amount of funds available. Assistance is only awarded to reduce an amount of the registration fee and may not be applied toward costs of uniforms or any other team-specific additional expenses. Learn more about assistance available by clicking: Registration
Teams will be entered into 2-4 tournaments throughout the breaks between the Fall and Spring.
In advance of practice sessions and games, players are required to remove all jewelry (eg, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hard hair bands/clips), sunglasses (recommend using sport glasses, if needed, for medical prescriptions).

Considering the prohibition regarding earrings, parent should consider not having a child’s ears pierced in advance of the season such that the child is unable to remove them before practice sessions and games.

Players are prohibited from practicing or playing with casts of any type; player is required to provide a signed medical release from player’s doctor or legal guardian before returning for play.

Players who are bleeding or have blood on themselves or uniforms must be treated, cleaned, and change uniforms, if necessary, before returning to play.
Team Photos, End of Season Party, & Trophies
Optional team photos are scheduled to occur on the second or third weekend of the season, before the scheduled game of the day.
Teams may convene for an end of season party at their discretion. This is a great opportunity for us to show support for FC Thunder sponsors by hosting the activity at their facility. We encourage the team to split the cost of the party among all team members.
Trophies are earned as a result of winning tournaments and/or age-group specific division.