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FC Thunder Tryouts

TRYOUT RESULTS U11/12. Please use the below GS link to register within 48 hours to secure your roster spot.

07/06G FC Thunder Red 07B FC Thunder Red 07B FC Thunder Navy 06B FC Thunder Red 06B FC Thunder Navy
A Parker A Vazquez B Niedecken B Matamoros L Wyle
H Delaloye R Allen C Houck H Vickery R Vogt
A Palmer A Vecino C Camarillo B Hettie N Estrada
S Padilla B Krause W Harrison M Duran K Elbash
C Hiner A Paulson C Eddy J Ferguson E Simmons
E Gwyn K Grover E Munn F Theiss J Reyna
V Hernandez G Cox F James P Murphy A Bane
E Smith N Bell D Rios G Menzies M Eitter
M Fouch H Avendano C Monney B McCandless
L Stevens C Moran L Griffiths E Arreola
J Tarbet F Stenberg
I MacNeil

TRYOUT RESULTS U13+ GIRLS use the below GS link to register within 48 hours to secure your roster spot. Please note D1 or Super 2 when registering.

05G Navy 04G Red 04G Navy 02G Black 02G Red 01G
Super 2 D1 Super 2 D1 Super 2 D1
R Burkey S Arnold S Bane A Ayala E DeBerry T Weiland
A Gallegos M Davis A Fairchild K Skipper L Harrison B Gosdin
S Ramirez E Dixon D Hawkins K Denney E Myers S Lambiase
K Schickedanz M Friedman F Montemayor B Barkley A Wyle S Miles
D Shaw L Griffith S Patterson B Trevino K Zaner M Stoelzing
C Stauber K Spiekerman A Rosenow A Case S Michalak B Barrera
S Weltens A Huber R Stramanino R Burkey A Mendoza E Thompson
C Navarro K Lozano K Daniel A Giles E Sipple R Burkey
M Farias A Michalak G Flores E Shrader E McKeon A Dailberi
E Lopez C Saxton E Childs O Farias G McClain M Grocki
K Hernandez K Stringfellow L Fonseca K Doss M Matos M Landrus
T Cuevas H Longhurst V Kuhn K Stafford
R Mroz B Streicher
L Pinedo A Fairchild :)
M Spurrier J Pacheco
L Weidenfeller K Drawdy
M Davis
L Asher

TRYOUT RESULTS U13+ BOYS use the below GS link to register within 48 hours to secure your roster spot. Please note D1 or Super 2 when registering.

05 Boys 04 Boys 02/03 Boys 99 Boys 98 Girls
D2 Super 2 Super 2 D1
C Quintanilla J Ballenger A Daley C Rogers E Ellis
L David A Cuevas J Doggett C Hedspeth A Brooks
K Krause Z Deuter Alec Garcia G Peterson S Schlemmer
D Lobo B Fernandez S Hettie N Hartley E Miller
J Pearson A DeJesus R Juarez Z Contreras J Castillo
A Price S Guerrier J Rodriguez Z Gomez K Schmeltzer
S Roberson Z Lorenzana E Schwab T Houck S Gonzales
S Spencer R Palmer K Stephens F Rodriguez M Snelling
Ric Swensen S Jones L Murphy M Krupa A Ibarra
Rob Swensen C Kelly H Kohl P Parker B James
B Wolfhart N LeMaster Antonio Garcia C Walter
S Grover J Martinez C Martinez W Anderson
A Byerly N Sherman C Herbold C Arnott
C Pulliam F Lopez N Cordero I Duenas
L Walter J Castro C Foley M Delaloye
R Howe
T Perkins

Next Steps:

To register, please click this link for EZ registration:

When you register, please make sure your GotSoccer information is current as this will be how we communicate with you thru out the season. You will not be officially on the roster until you have clicked on this link and completed your registration. If you are new to Boerne Soccer Club, you will need to email your player’s birth certificate to Montez Peterson at  Please make sure you have updated your players photo with a head shot only (no shoulders).

Please review the Player Commitment Agreement (attached document above) for expectation/requirements, payment information/options, refund policy, financial aid, uniforms, and to see what is and is not included in your registration fees.

Uniforms: We are in our last year of our current 2 year uniform cycle with The next cycle will begin June 2018.


Team Meetings:  Your coach will be contacting you within 48 hours with a date/time for your first team meeting.



Competitive teams may approach players beginning the first Monday after the last day of the playoffs until the player has accepted an invitation from a competitive team or they have been rostered to a recreational team and it is within two weeks of the start of seasonal play with the prior approval of the Vice President of Recreational Program and consultation with the Club Registrar regarding the impact to recreational team.

Once a player has accepted an invitation from any team, a Player Release Form will be required in order for another coach, team or club representative to approach the player. Approach means any contact with a player, including but not limited to inviting the player to practice or tryout, talking to the player about changing teams, or any other form of recruitment initiated by the coach or team representatives. Violation of this rule may result in a disciplinary hearing and suspension of coaching privileges for the involved party(ies). However, if a team is disbanded prior to the start of seasonal play, players may be released or reassigned without requesting a transfer.

Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Trainers and/or any team representative may not request or allow players other than ones on their team roster to practice or participate in any soccer activities unless it is with the prior knowledge and consent of the player’s primary coach.


Congratulations to those that made one of our select teams.  We are excited and can't wait to get the new season kicked off after the summer break. 

For those that didn't not make a team.  Please hold out for a spot.  In the event that a player or 2 does not register, we will be looking to fill these roster spots.

ATTENTION: Rosters are subject to change in the event that players do not register within 48 hours.   Roster spots are only guaranteed when the team the are assigned is complete.

Coaches Following Up


Will be following up with information for their teams.  

Team Tryouts

FC Thunder hosts Select Team tryouts following the Spring Soccer Season. During tryout sessions, FC Thunder Director of Coaching (DOC) and professional trainers evaluate players using age group-specific United States Soccer Federation (USSF) guidelines that include:

  • Technique (skill): The ability to dribble, pass, shoot, receive, and head the ball under variable levels of pressure conditions.
  • Tactics (speed of play): Decision-making with and without the ball.
  • Fitness and Athletic Ability (athleticism): Speed, endurance, strength, power, and agility.
  • Psychology (coachability): Mental toughness and competitiveness. 

Upon completion of the tryout sessions, the Director of Coaching and trainers collaborate to determine team placement, where applicable.

Players are required to try out for their age-specific groups. Exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Director of Coaching.

Parent and Player Commitment Agreement

FC Thunder will offer a player a spot on a Select Team after tryouts have concluded. If a player accepts a spot on a FC Thunder Select Team, he/she is required to complete a Parent and Player Commitment Agreement which reflects his/her commitment for a full seasonal year. 


During the aforementioned time period, players accepting spots are required to play exclusively for the FC Thunder Select Team (with the exception of school coordinated sports); thus, players should not play for more than one team (despite level of play) at the same time in any league unless written authorization (eg, Club Player Pass) is provided by the Director of Coaching. 

Team-Specific Webpage

FC Thunder Select and Academy teams will have a designated webpage located within the club website (see the “Teams” page). Team managers (or designees) will be responsible for maintaining the webpage with team-specific information including: current events, and practice session, game, and tournament schedules.

Player confidentiality is very important, so discretion should be exercised when posting information to the team webpage. Player privacy will be respected if players elect not to be included on the webpage. Team managers (or designees) should adhere to the following guidelines when posting player information:

•  First and Last Name
•  Address
•  Phone Number (of any kind)
•  Name of School
•  Uniform Number
•   Last Name Only
•   Team Picture*

* Players will not be identified; individuals in pictures will not be tagged with their specific names or numbers


Team managers (or designees) should contact the FC Thunder webmaster to request write access to the team-specific webpage; recommend one person per team allowed write access.

The FC Thunder Webmaster, at his/her discretion, may request revision to content of webpages and/or may revise accordingly.