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Team Formation

FC Thunder Recreational Academy Teams are created according to the following process:

'Fully Registered'

In order to be considered ‘fully registered’,each of the following must be accomplished:  

  • Online registration process is complete; including providing full registration fee payment
  • Submit State- or country-issued birth certificate (hard- or electronic-copy) to the Registrar. Players who previously submitted a copy of their birth certificates do not need to re-submit another copy, however, it is the player’s responsibility to confirm a copy is on file with the Registrar.

Team Formation (Rostering)

Only players who are ‘fully registered’ will be added to a team (rostered) and allowed to participate in practices and games. 


  • Considering the process described for creating teams, it is possible for a player who fully registers to take the final spot on a team, ahead of a player who began registering at an earlier date but did not complete the registration process.
  • FC Thunder Recreational Academy Teams are formed after trainers have the opportunity to evaluate players during the first several weeks of practice.