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Roles & Responsibilities


  • Supervision
    • Supervise (be available in case of injury) your child at all activities (ie, practice sessions, games, etc); do not interfere (unless for emergency) with coach and/or player practice sessions/games until team is dismissed
  • Alcohol & Tobacco
    • Do not consume alcohol or use tobacco at soccer facilities where practices and games occur; including parking lot)
    • Do not attend any soccer-related activity (or visit facilities) if intoxicated
  • Positive Support
    • Be a parent, not a coach or referee.
    • Respect fellow parents, coaches, referees, opponents, and players.
    • Support your child in a positive manner.
    • Give consistent encouragement and support to children regardless of the degree of success, the level of skill or time on the field.
    • Stress the importance of respect for coaches through discussions with children and highlight the critical nature of contributing to the team and its success.
    • Leave coaching to coaches and do not criticize coaching strategies or team performance.
    • Avoid placing pressure on children about playing time and performance
  • Pre-Practice Session & Games
    • Assist player in attending and arriving at practice sessions and game kick-offs at designated times
    • Properly equip players with shin guards, soccer shoes, shorts or warm-ups (as applicable), and water
    • Remove all player’s jewelry (e.g., earrings, rings, necklaces, watches, bracelets, hard hair bands/clips), sunglasses (recommend using sport glasses, if needed, for medical prescriptions). Considering the prohibition regarding earrings, parent should consider not having a child’s ears pierced in advance of the season such that the child is unable to remove the earrings before practice sessions and games.
    • Inform coach (or designee) if player will be tardy or absent for a practice session or game
  • Practice Sessions & Game
    • Please do not:
      • Coach during games or practices (to prevent player confusion)
      • Interfere, after your child has joined the team for practices or games, until the team is dismissed by the coach
      • Go onto field during practice sessions and/or game
      • Sit on top of or beyond the sideline; instead, sit 5 feet from the sideline in the designated area, which is typically on the opposite side of the field from the team  
  • Grievances: click 'Feedback'
It is noteworthy to emphasize FC Thunder actively enforces this Roles and Responsibilities Policy. If necessary, FC Thunder will convene a Board of Directors Committee to review, evaluate, and determine if policy was violated. Based on the outcome of the committee meeting, individuals may be suspended from future club activities.
FC Thunder strives to create a safe and fun environment where youth may come together to play and learn physical and leadership skills. Please help support this environment by adhering to policy while enjoying your child(ren) play the great sport of soccer.