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Roles & Responsibilities


  • Behavior & Attitude
    • Respect parents, coaches, referees, opponents, and fellow players
    • Work with a ball at home everyday.
    • Play the game fairly, minimizing behavior that warrants yellow and red cards.
    • Demonstrate good behavior at all FC Thunder activities. Players failing to do so may be suspended from future practice sessions and games.
  • Practice Session & Games
    • Attend and arrive at practice sessions and games at designated times.
    • Attend all practice sessions and games; inform coach (or designee) if you will be tardy or absent for a practice session or game.
    • Be prepared by wearing/bringing proper uniform & equipment
      • Practice Shirt (practice sessions), both jerseys (games), shorts, and socks, shin guards covered fully by socks, soccer shoes (turf or cleats as specified), warm-ups (as applicable), inflated soccer ball (see Game Format for correct size) and water
      • Remove all jewelry (e.g., earrings, rings, necklaces, watches, bracelets, hard hair bands/clips), sunglasses (recommend using sport glasses, if needed, for medical prescriptions). Considering the prohibition regarding earrings, parents should consider not having a child’s ears pierced in advance of the season such that the child is unable to remove the earrings before practice sessions and games.
  • Players are prohibited from practicing or playing with casts of any type; player is required to provide a signed medical release from player’s doctor or legal guardian before returning for play.
  • Players who are bleeding or have blood on themselves or uniforms must be treated, cleaned, and change uniforms, if necessary, before returning to play.
  • Align equipment neatly on player side of field