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Roles & Responsibilities


FC Thunder Trainers are required to adhere to the following rules, responsibilities, and expectations: 

  • Policy
    • Adhere to and enforce Zero Tolerance and 24 Hour Cool-Down Policies
    • Ensure team follows FC Thunder policies
    • Follow rain-out policy as communicated by authorized FC Thunder representative; trainers should not unilaterally decide to cancel practice
    • Follow the FC Thunder style of play and philosophy
  • Availability
    • Be available at times that include, but are not limited to, the following:
      • 75 minute practice sessions once weekly
      • All seasonal games
      • Tournaments
      • Staff Development Practice
    • Be punctual for all meetings, practice sessions, and games
  • Player Management
  • Team Management (where applicable)
    • Oversee all aspects of your assigned team during the season year
    • Ensure ‘Kid Safe Badge’ is visible at all times on game days
    • Ensure only those required individuals with ‘Kid Safe Badges’ accompany the team at practice sessions and games
    • Use FC Thunder-approved practice equipment for all practice sessions and games
    • Have all necessary equipment (e.g., goals, balls, cones, and practice vests) available and prepared in advance of the practice session and/or games
    • Prepare and review session plans in advance of the each practice session
    • Refrain from using a cell phone (unless for an emergency) during practice sessions and games
    • Decide all player line-ups and playing times
    • Comply with the ‘50% Rule’ regarding minimum playing time for applicable age groups
      • Players may play less than 50% of the game in certain circumstances. Exceptions to the ‘50% Rule’ may result from display of negative/poor player attitude as demonstrated by absence from or tardiness to practices and games
        • If an exception to the ‘50% Rule’ is anticipated, the trainer is required to inform the player and parents of the decision and supporting rationale at least 48 hours in advance of the game. In addition, the trainer is required to inform the referee and opposing coach of the disciplinary action on game day.
  • Provide summary to DOC within 72 hours of game completion which should include, but is not limited to, the following:
    • Opponent name, final score, location, and brief match analysis
    • Incidents with players, parents and/or opposing coach
    • Ensure team managers do not run or facilitate practice sessions
  • Communication
    • Notify the Director of Coaching immediately upon receipt of a parent complaint
    • Notify the Director of Coaching 48 hours in advance of the following:
      • Unable to attend a practice session or game(s)
      • Meetings with players and/or parents