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Roles & Responsibilities

Team Manager 

  • Manage administrative activities
  • Act as the primary source of timely email communication with the team
  • Ensure soccer-related questions are directed to the coach/trainer
  • Calendar: Maintain webpage team calendar as the primary source of scheduled activity
  • Player ID Cards: obtain blank cards from Registrar and develop for team
    • U5-U10: Cards not required
    • U11and above: Cards are required to have a photo and player signature. Please begin taking or collecting player photos upon receipt of your roster. Players participating in the Spring season may use their Fall season ID cards; only new players will receive ID cards in the Spring.
  • Game Cards:
    • U5-10: obtain from FC Thunder Website or mailbox affixed to concession stand at Boerne City Park;
    • U11-U14 and Division II and above: contact league-specific commissioner. When playing as the Home Team, complete game card accordingly, then ask the visiting team to include their information. Thereafter, the game card should be provided to the referee before the game.  After the game, cards should be handled in accordance with League/Division rules.
  • Penalty Point Report: Player, who should wear uniform with pinnie while sitting-out due to red card, should be documented on game card. Referee should be informed of player who is sitting-out before start of game.
  • Uniforms: offer Uniform Coordinator assistance and act as liaison for your team
  • Parent Contact List: develop and distribute
  • Policy Compliance: Adhere to and ensure the team complies with expectations established by FC Thunder